System Mechanic

System Mechanic

All-in-one utility to keep your PC in perfect shape for a better performance

System Mechanic offers you in a single and easy-to-navigate interface all the tools you need to boost your system’s performance, fix any problems that might be slowing it down, clean up your hard drives from space-wasting unnecessary files, and protect your system from uninvited eyes looking for your sensitive information and even from programs that threaten your system’s security and perform unrequested changes to its settings.

Just think of one possible reason why your system is not being itself lately, and chances are that System Mechanic has a solution for it. With its more than 50 performance features, it doesn’t really matter if it is performance, security, troubleshooting, tuning, or configuring tools that you are after – you will find a bit of everything in this all-in-one comprehensive toolbox that System Mechanic has become. Actually, this new version of the program comes with new proprietary solutions to make the most of your multi-threaded processors (PowerSense), adapt them to your changing needs (Ultra Performance Mode), and maximize your battery life when you need it most (Endurance Mode). These excellent new tools mix nicely with the program’s classic features, such as ActiveCare and LiveBoost, or PC TotalCare.

In order to make sure that all users can enjoy all these 50+ system utilities without needing to become experts in the matter, System Mechanic has grouped all these features into some basic and easy-to-understand main functions. First of all, the program will check your system for all possible faults that may be clogging up your system. It will then present you with both a basic status report and a more in-depth explanation of the various problems that, according to the program, “are lowing your system health and security”. It is then your choice to tell the program to fix them or not, or select those that you need require immediate fixing. But the program’s work doesn’t end once your system looks healthy again – the program offers you a number of automated tasks that will keep an eye on all your system’s components and settings – as well as on any incoming program – so that you don’t have to worry again at a sudden speed loss, erratic behavior, lack of reliability and stability, or (even worse) security breaches.

Thus, this comprehensive program can permanently manage your startup configuration, optimize your drives, defragment your registry and data, recover unused RAM memory, get rid of junk files, check that your firewall and anti-virus tools are working as expected, cleans up your chat and Internet history, adjust your system to whatever task it’s performing (play videos, games, downloading, etc.), intercept possible threats entering your system, and many more.

Most of these incredibly useful utilities are performed as part of a “bundle” tool with an easier-to-remember name, such as Repair Registry or PC Accelerator, so you will not need to memorize all of them, launch them periodically, or even find out what they actually do to your system to know that it’s constantly being taken care of. All you need to do is put System Mechanic into autopilot mode (actually, ActiveCare mode) and let it do all the worrying.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Excellent analysis and fixing speeds
  • Attractive and easy-to-navigate interface
  • Keeps an eye on your computer to keep its level of performance and avoid future problems
  • Extensive list of automated tasks
  • Cleans your computer from all unnecessary files
  • Checks your antivirus and firewall status


  • None
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